WordPress Websites

One of the most popular choices for rapid development of websites.

What is WordPress?

You’ve probably already heard of WordPress – and you’ve definitely visited several WordPress sites – because they account for around a third of all sites on the web right now.

Starting out as a free way to set up a personal blog, the open-source nature of the platform and wide range of plugins, meant that it grew in popularity very quickly, and became capable of supporting almost any type of website imaginable.

Reasons to choose WordPress for your new website:

Grows with your business

A basic WordPress site starts with a blog and some pages – but with the right plugins and set-up, you can add almost any feature you need as your business grows.

Easy to use

There’s a pretty shallow learning curve when using WordPress. Once you’ve understood the way it works, you can build whatever you like!

Plays well with Google

There are plugins produced by Google that work seamlessly with Google Analytics and Google Search console – plus expert SEO tools that mean your site has every opportunity to rank high in search engines.


Yep, probably the biggest reason to try WordPress. You can build a site, design every element of it and use plugins to make do what you want for free. (Professional design services and hosting have a cost of course).

Widely Supported

The platform is constantly growing and being improved by a dedicated group of developers. Plus, there’s an ecosystem of professionals who know WordPress inside-out and can help.


A WordPress site isn’t tied to a particular company or hosting provision. If you decide to move your site elsewhere, it’s very easy to do so.

But, what about security and malware?

WordPress is a safe and secure platform, but no software is invulnerable to attack. There are several ways to keep your site safe including: Anti-Malware and Anti-Brute Force attack plugins, use of secure passwords and reliable hosting.

We make sure the plugins that we use are kept up-to-date and only use trusted developers, to make sure your site isn’t exposed to hackers. Our hosting environment is fast, reliable and offers excellent security. We also provide an SSL (Security Certificate) which adds an extra layer of protection.

Recent WordPress website builds:

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