Crowns Recruitment

Crowns Recruitment have an outstanding reputation for delivering positive results in the dental recruitment sector. But, their brand image and website needed a polish.

New Website Design and Build

When Crowns Recruitment approached us, they were frustrated with how their website looked and performed. They were using an off-the-shelf system which had been bespoked to suit their needs, but it fell short in terms of performance and usability.

We met up with Rob and Jenny to walk through the existing site. They use Workerly (a staff management solution) which needed to link the jobs entered into their system to the jobs board that appears on their site. They were also using embedded forms to process client and candidate onboarding, but the forms weren’t styled in their brand and created unwanted scrollbars.

Most pressing of all, they were due to appear at a recruitment exhibition and needed to fix their site before attracting new clients.

The Result

Visiting the website now, you’ll discover a bright, attractive site with good quality images and clear, easy-to-use forms. We’ve used a different accent colour to differentiate between the Candidates section, Clients section and the Permanent Recruitment pages.

Artwork for Exhibition and Print Management

We were very pleased to help out with preparations for the recruitment exhibition by designing a new 8-page brochure and an attractive roller banner, which both mirrored the improved branding used on the website. Take a look in the gallery below.

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