Bamboo Stone Website

Fantastic new website development for ecommerce with a conscience brand Bamboo Stone.

Bamboo Stone’s products have been carefully selected from sustainable sources and manufactured using materials which are less harmful to the planet.

This is the company’s first outing as an ecommerce platform which highlights their careful sourcing of sustainable products that are beautiful to look at and use, but don’t ‘cost the earth’.

This was definitely one of our favourite projects! The products are all responsibly sourced from natural materials like organic cotton, bamboo, seagrass and wheat straw.

Plus, the aesthetic of the branding and wonderful photography made this a pleasure to work on.

This website isn’t just about selling though! There’s a strong message about environmental responsibility and making conditions for overseas workers fair and safe.

So, there was a balance to strike between pushing the products (making the site profitable) and ensuring the company’s ethics and values are well-represented.

We started by producing wireframes of all key pages. They allowed us to show how the site would look – plus, how the information and product pages worked together.

Take a look at the screenshots below.

Screenshots from the website

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