5 Ways to Win Online with CANdo

The CANdo Studio / 5 Ways to Win Online with CANdo

CANdo is a friendly, local design company who specialise in producing websites which meet their customers’ needs and don’t break the bank. If you’re looking for ways to adapt your business or monetise your skills, here are some ideas which may help.

A new website or improvements to your existing site

Maybe you’ve already got a website, but you’re not 100% happy with it. You aren’t able to update it easily, or at all! Perhaps it’s really out-of-date and just doesn’t show off your business properly.

CANdo build websites which are quick and easy to update, so you can always keep your content fresh and appealing. If you don’t want to get involved with the nitty-gritty of updating your site, we can help there too by making changes as and when you need them.

Make more of your social presence with our social media management

If you have a social presence and just post occasionally, you’re missing out! Not only does social media keep you connected with your existing customers, it allows your message to spread to their contacts too.

It’s really important to be approachable and conversational. Heavy ‘selling messages‘ will turn people away.

CANdo already look after the social media channels of several clients. We can work with you to plan and deliver content that will help your business grow online.

Add an Online Shop to your website

If you have a traditional shop and are currently looking for the best way to sell online – we can help.

If you’re a talented type with a potential cottage industry at your fingertips, there’s no better time to turn your skill into income.

There’s a number of steps needed to set up an attractive, hard-working shop online, but CANdo can make this happen quickly and effortlessly for you.

Inspire or teach with Video, Blog or Downloads

If you can teach in person – you can teach online. Whether it’s dance, music, exercise or so many other activities, putting your videos online is relatively simple.

If you want to make an income from it, you’ll need a website that takes payments for access, either as a one-off or has a membership system.

Similarly, with Blogs, Vlogs or Downloads you can put content online (think e-books, training courses, guides, poetry, craft templates, etc.) so your visitors can access it.

Connect with your customers through email advertising

Email marketing is still one of the easiest and most cost-effective methods of nurturing existing customers and reaching out to new ones.

Not only is it one of the cheapest ways to market, it’s an incredibly accurate and targeted approach because you can tailor your message for different groups and know exactly who opened your email and when.

It’s also a perfect partner for your social activity when done right. Speak to CANdo about how to harness email marketing for your business.